Meet the Creator

Christine Janklow, President

Most people happily (and discretely) enjoy when others do their dirty work. For Christine, she is most happy when she helps people work through the “tough stuff” and reach their full potential. In fact, she never sits ideally and watches others make unnecessary mistakes. Addressing core issues, turning over the rock, to see what lies beneath is her specialty. With Courage, and stealth, she’ll relentlessly seek a way around, over or through to get the task done. 

Christine is an author, a mediator and has served to coach thousands of distressed businesses and facilitated their turnaround. As a mother of two amazing and creative people she believes fostering natural ability is your best bet. Her expertise is based on over 30 years of helping high profile corporations create winning programs that increase their sales, brands and customer base. Creating successful campaigns for leading national companies has helped her adapt the “best practices” and scale them for small businesses to utilize and thrive from. She is always ready to extend her professionalism and take on the heavy lifting to help her clients succeed!

Specialties: Creative and Copy writing, Research, Project and Budget Management and Creditor Negotiations.

Best kept secrets: Rode English Jumpers (horses), was born in Lima, Peru, was an in home sparring partner during her sons ten years and three Black Belts in Tang Soo Do Karate, can draw, sew and design patterns for apparel.

Likes: favorite bird is a hummingbird, enjoys walking and playing with her two dogs and is a huge fan of a great bowl of risotto.

Dislikes: Cruelty to animals or humans, smokers.

What I enjoy most about what I do: I love to help clients get past the “I cant’s” in business.

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Meet the Promotion Master

Don Janklow, EVP Marketing and Promotions

Don blends the best of "old school" marketing savvy and today's technical strategies to leverage each layer of a marketing endeavor. Don's genius is pairing clients with unparalleled and unique opportunities to engage with like minded companies or tap into untapped markets. 

Since way back at Baruch College, he’s relished working with “high profile” people, such as Joe Namath and Andy Kaufman, and creating ridiculously successful marketing programs for events such as the Los Angeles and New York City Marathons, The Indy 500 and countless others.

Where others feel faint from the intensity of putting on an event, Don is recharged by it. Not only is he a passionate promoter, but when it comes to making something appear “larger than life” most small businesses only wish they had a guy like him to paint that image. Over the years working with countless brands, manufacturers and celebrities has allowed Don to hone his keen skills in “pairing” the best relationships to get transactions done. His ability to form one-of-a-kind alliances and package deals broke ground for other firsts including becoming the first company in 100 years to procure branding partnerships between leading manufacturers and VF Brands, Lee and Wrangler Jeans and Vera Wang. 

Don has a brutally honest, yet endearing business style. Thus, when it comes to entrepreneurial and non-traditional sales and marketing Don is unstoppable. Making high level opportunities available to any size business has become his signature. His creative bulldog approach has made Don a reckoning force to motivate decision makers, drive sales and elevate project potentials. 

Specialties: Strategic Alliance Packaging, Sponsorship and Event Production

Best kept secrets: Survived a near death experience at age 12. Only guy to create a “beach” on the streets of New York.

Likes: Talking on the phone, anything New York, making elderly people feel special.

Dislikes: Waiting in line, seeing people suffer.

What I enjoy most about what I do: I love the art of the deal…